DCC Basics

This section contains a series of articles that explains DCC in a very basic way.  

No technical language is used, and drawings are included to help with the explanations.

The files are all in PDF form so you can download and save them if you desire.

    Part 1.  The DCC system.  A section on how to choose a DCC system is also included.

    Part 2.  The System parts.  What they are and what they do.

    Part 3.  Track Wiring.  Includes how the DCC layout is wired, what wire size to use.

    Part 4.  Special Track Wiring.  Includes how to wire revers loops, turntables, and wyes.

    Part 5.  DCC Turnout Control.  What to use and how it works.

    Part 6.  Other Systems.  Includes Block Detection, Signals, and Computer Control.

Remember, this is just the very basics.  There is much more technical information available on the Internet.  
Since most DCC systems are similar in how they connect to the layout, quite a bit of the same information can be applied to all DCC systems.
The following two links should be very helpful with more detailed information.