O' Scale
Layout History & Construction

We meet every Wednesday Night at 7:30 pm for Work and Fun at 103 State Street,  Delmar,DE.
Come and join us.  The Entrance is through the Red Door next to the Alley and then Up Stairs.

     In April 2009 we have undertaken a project that will allow us to create a stagging area for trains.  This stagging area should allow us to run many different trains at open house and at other times.  Below are a few photographs of the work in progress.  

O scale Stagging
The Stagging tracks come into the old wok and storage room through a wall access from the Main Room.  
You can see the opening at the far end if you look for it.

O scale Stagging
The Crew is hard at work laying track.

O scale Stagging
Measure twice, cut once.