We meet every Wednesday Night at 7:30 pm for Work and Fun at 103 State Street,  Delmar,DE.
Come and join us.  The Entrance is through the Red Door next to the Alley and then Up Stairs.

     The photographs below are just four of the many photographs that you can see here.  There are close ups of layout scenes as well as photos taken during our open house.  The photos are posted on Web shots and there are links below on this page so you can see them all.  Once you see an Album, click on a photo, then look for an Icon below and to the right.  Clicking on that Icon will show all the Photographs in that album in a Slide Show format.

     Our Open House is open to the public during the Christmas Holiday season.  Usually one weekend at the beginning of December, and two weekends after New Years.  Our flyers are in Hobby Shops and Maryland Rest Areas.  Kids of all ages are welcome.

Parkersburg Meat Packers Kids & Openhouse
Visitors Station at Weiland

Links to all HO Scale photographs.

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